Quality is the basis of our actions, the foundation for everything we do. We are also committed to a firm canon of values that distinguishes us as a company.

Principles of publication: Our "principles of publication" sum up our journalistic self-image and set ground rules for our entire company.

Core values: What distinguishes us and makes us special.

We offer added value in everything we do. The products we offer are relevant and fundamental.

We are at home in our markets. We bring people together and interlink entire industries.

Driving development
We are a driver for innovative themes. We make market developments transparent and play a role in shaping the future of our readers, users and customers.

Basic values:
What has determined our
success and our history.

  • Independence

    Our economic and journalistic autonomy liberates us from content-related and political influence. We work objectively and decide ourselves on the direction in which we develop, on what we say and what we do.
  • Industry focus

    We tailor our services to the requirements of the market and the people working in it, creating highly relevant specialist products.
  • Versatility

    We evolve in line with the challenges and requirements of the market, constantly seeking new solutions.
  • Entrepreneurship

    The autonomy and market proximity of our corporate divisions allow us to take action quickly and dynamically, acting as decisive factors for the economic success and quality of the products we offer.

Cultural values:
What makes up our character
and our culture.

  • Determined

    We set ourselves ambitious goals and pursue them systematically and courageously.
  • Competent

    We are professionals with excellent industry and media competence, operating on an equal footing with our target groups.
  • Credible

    We regard respectability and fairness as the foundation for the trust that business sectors and people place in us.
  • Friendly

    We nurture loyal partnerships with each other and our trades. We develop and promote young talent.
  • Inspiring

    We work enthusiastically and generate enthusiasm for the markets in which we are active. We utilize the emotional power of media.