CASH (Austria)

The CASH trade magazine is Austria’s leading specialist magazine for the entire food retail and drugstore retail sectors as well as the branded goods industry.

Every month CASH informs opinion leaders, decision makers, managers and employees at the POS about what is currently happening in the business sectors; it provides background stories and highlights trends as well as the latest developments in the retail sector and the industry. The CASH trade magazine presents product innovations, trade fair highlights and illuminates the ECR scene. In accordance with the globalisation wave, CASH highlights international industry trends and commissions well-respected market research companies with surveys in the food retail and drugstore retail sectors as well as consumer studies, thus also guaranteeing the transfer of practical and future oriented know-how to the target group. In line with increasing networking between all market participants, the magazine reports on the strategies of logistics specialists and on service companies, and it provides tips and tricks for optimising one’s own corporate strategy on the basis of benchmark examples.


Frequency of publication: 10 times per year


Editorial staff

Margaretha Jurik
Tel. +43 1 86648-401

Stefan Pirker
Tel. +43 1 86648-404


Martina Rosenauer
Tel. +43 1 866 48-412

Susi Wernbacher
Tel. +43 1 866 48-411

Subscription service

Katharina Artner
Tel. +43 1 86648-511

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