FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter has been the information medium for the feed industry for 100 years now. The sector values the reliable industry and market information, the reports from research and practical experience, as well as critical commentaries on politics and business. The magazine is a completely bilingual publication and is read by the industry throughout Europe.

FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter informs its readers on the status of research into farm animal nutrition. It also keeps them up-to-date about matters concerning feed law and the production, storage and transport of feeds. Producers and manufacturers, dealers, public authorities and consultants in this highly sensitive and internationally networked field of the food industry use the magazine as a communicator of driving forces and standard-setting developments.

Editor-in-Chief Bernd Springer is closely networked within the industry.

He makes FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter the indispensable tool for management, buyers, sales departments and formulation specialists in the feed industry.

Frequency of publication: 6 times per year


Editorial staff

Bernd Springer
Tel. +49 69 7595-1587


Thomas Wulff
Tel. +49 69 7595 1261

Subscription service

Tel. +49 69 7595-1865

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