FoodService (Poland)

FoodService (Poland), issued since 1994, has been a prestigious, professional magazine addressed to the owners and managers of chains and renowned eating establishments and hotels. It contains subjects within the scope of vending, economy law, marketing and management, it provides latest news from the country and abroad, it presents changes and trends in the business. Also it provides novelties, analysis of market and eating establishments.

We have ongoing cooperation with many well-known Polish chefs including Adam Chrząstowski, Wojciech Modest Amaro, Robert Trzópek. Anyone who wants to get more knowledge, develop skills or improve the standard of provided services can find interesting articles, analysis and feature articles in „Food Service”. It is a perfect communication platform among you, providers and HoReCa business. It is part of a network of professional magazines published under the same title in Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, India.

Frequency of publication: 10 times per year


Food Service Polska

Food Service Polska


Editorial staff

Agata Godlewska
Tel. +48 22 5146-528


Anna Piskorz
Tel. +48 22 5146-548

Subscription service

Piotr Myszak
Tel. +48 22 5146-504

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