HGV PRAXIS (Österreich)

HOTEL & GV-Praxis is one of Austria’s leading specialist business periodicals for the large segments of the catering market: hotels, the hotel and restaurant industry and communal catering.

Its editorial focus areas lie in the area of management, the latest kitchen as well as communication technology, food & beverages, contemporary planning as well as furnishing & fittings. The specialist competence of HOTEL & HGV Praxis provides its readers with concrete, understandable aids to decision making by means of case studies, plant management and business sector analyses that focus primarily on economic aspects.

Its editorial content is geared to decision makers in the hotel sector and the high-end restaurant sector as well as managers of communal catering operations in company restaurants, hospitals, institutional homes and adequate facilities in the public sector.


Frequency of publication: 6 times per year


Editorial staff

Mag. (FH) Axel Schimmel
Tel. +43 1 866 48-574


Martin Pichler-Puschenjak
Tel. +43 1 866 48-433

Subscription service

Katharina Artner
Tel. +43 1 86648-511

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