Lebensmittel Zeitung direkt

Targeted to decision makers at the point of sale. Lebensmittel Zeitung direkt is the monthly magazine for decision makers at the point of sale. This trade publication is aimed at professionals who work in sales in the food retail segment and make decisions about product ranges – from owners and store managers to qualifi ed specialized staff to salespeople. The “Industry,”“Space,” and “Products” sections cover practically all relevant topics. For instance, “Industry” reports on current developments in food retail from the point of view of sales professionals. The “Space” section is dominated by topics such as employee management, successful sales promotions, or shelf maintenance. Finally, Lebensmittel Zeitung direkt also provides a great deal of information on relevant merchandise and product groups in the “products” section.

Distributed edition: 69,299 (IVW IV/17)
Frequency of publication: monthly


Editorial staff

Müller Sandra
Tel. +49 69 7595-1767


Denise Berger
Tel. +49 69 7595-2527

Subscription service

Niklas Lang
Tel. +49 69 7595-1955

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