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The new product fvw | TravelTalk brings together the best of both worlds – strategic planning and sales practice. Readers will be presented with an expanded range of information, more practical knowledge, and close integration of the magazine with comprehensive digital content. As market leader in the travel trade media segment, we now offer even greater reach in the industry through a completely redesigned magazine that is complemented by lots of new content on This includes e-learning programs, webinars, theme worlds, industry contacts, and many other digital formats.

fvw | TravelTalk covers the tourism industry at large, from managing directors to trainees. Market overviews, analyses, classifications, backgrounds, and orientation: this is what fvw has stood for since 1967.

Distributed edition: 18,500 (IVW IV/20)
Frequency of publication: bi-weekly


Editorial staff

Sabine Pracht
Tel. +49 40 41448-200

Klaus Hildebrandt
Tel. +49 40 41448-200

Georg Kern
Tel. 040-41 448-350

Marco Weiß
Tel. 040 41448-230

Anna Struck
Tel. 040-41 448-246


Andreas auf der Heiden
Tel. +49 40 41448-831

Sönke Graumann
Tel. +49 40 41448-714

Dennis Conrads
Tel. 040 41448-334

Subscription service

fvw Medien Gmbh
Tel. +49 931 4170 142

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