Österreichische Textil Zeitung

The Österreichische Textil Zeitung considers itself the information platform for the Austrian fashion trade, as well as for the international clothing and textile industry.

An advance in knowledge has always been a factor of success. Therefore the editorial team has made it its business to display trends and tendencies, illustrating them attractively. We want to offer our readers a guide for the world of fashion, the catwalks, cocktails, the crises, and innovations. Asking critical questions, analysing and informing.

As an independent newspaper, the Österreichische Textil Zeitung is the official organ of the national association and all regional associations of retailers and wholesalers, and the Association Européenne des Detaillants de Textile (AEDT).

Frequency of publication: 16 x per year


Editorial staff

Mag. Brigitte Pfeifer-Medlin
Tel. +43 1 866 48-219

Mag. Manuel Friedl
Tel. +43 1 866 48-228


Mag. Claudia Jordan
Tel. +43 1 866 48-212

Mag. (FH) Stefanie Lameraner
Tel. +43 1 866 48-222

Subscription service

Katharina Artner
Tel. +43 1 86648-511

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