The trade journal packMITTEL is concerned with across-the-board material converting of packaging in all processing steps.

packMITTEL is targeted at the technical and managerial decision-makers responsible for the investment in machinery, materials and processes for the production and finishing of packaging. The manufacturers of packaging from all relevant material and their upgrading is at the centre of the reporting. The journal's classic areas of reporting on paper or plastics-based raw materials, is supplemented by materials and processes which are finding their way into the production of packaging. Aluminium and metal, glass, composite materials, flexible packaging materials, hollow bodies on a plastics basis, as well as all paper and board-based packaging materials.

The most important printing processes such as gravure, offset printing and flexoprint are covered, taking into consideration the peculiarities of package printing, and make up a special main focus.


Distributed edition: 2,664 (IVW IV/19)
Frequency of publication: 6 times per year


Editorial staff

Matthias Mahr
Tel. +49 69 7595-1548

Matthias Laux
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Martina Klusak
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Margitta Jahreis
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