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Why not take advantage of our services to optimise your business: several service companies that are part of the dfv media group are active in a wide range of business sectors.

dfv media solutionsdfv media solutions markets individual media solutions with innovative formats and product concepts across our media lines and industries. Access to all the strong media brands of the dfv media group enables campaigns in twelve sectors with exclusive access to decision-makers. This is a unique selling point and ensures maximum efficiency of campaigns.

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The Deutschen Institut für Rechtsabteilungen und Unternehmensjuristen is a service and media provider for associations. Beside the member's management the dfv ASS offers market analyses, professional information, advanced trainings, events and an extensive media product

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dfv Corporate Media is a corporate publishing specialist with many decades of publishing expertise and access to a large network of authors.

Business Target Group (BTG) is an expert on procurement, management and analysis of addresses, company data and primary market research results in
the out-of-home market (hotels, catering, communal catering).

Centrally located in Frankfurt:


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Reach your target groups and employees, independent of location and online with digital formats - professionally produced.