Commitment to our employees



dfv media group regards motivated and content employees as a central success factor. Ensuring our employees feel comfortable at their work place and are able to achieve a good balance between their professional and personal lives is really important to us. We support that by offering a large number of options: For example, we make highly individual part-time arrangements possible. Furthermore, commercial employees have the option of organising their working hours flexibly within the scope of flexitime agreements.

In co-operation with pme Family Service, we offer advice in all situations of life as well as professional childcare – directly on the premises of the head office in Frankfurt. It is a place where children from 0 to 4 years of age can play, eat and sleep, while their mother or father is at work.

Thanks to an extensive continuing education concept, our staff can also absolve training courses in new thematic areas on the job or improve their knowledge in special areas of interest.

dfv media group attaches importance to mixed management teams and a well-balanced age structure. One reliable indicator of our high level of quality as an employer is the extraordinary length of that our employees stay with the company: roughly 14 years on average.